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Industry representative for insect protein production and distribution in Australia

Our mission

To promote the use and role of Insects within the Australian food and feed ecosystem to Government, Academia and Industry.

To provide a healthy and robust forum for collaboration and networking within the Insect industry and other relevant stakeholders.


Insects for food

Australia is well placed for a thriving insect farming sector that is focused on growing high quality, nourishing insects for people to eat. Find out how the IPAA is supporting our members deliver healthy insect protein for Australians.

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Insects for feed

Insects contain high quality protein, vitamins and amino acids making them highly suited for Livestock. Insects have a high food conversion rate, and require less water and other infrastructure inputs to create high quantities of protein.

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Get Involved

We’re constantly working to deliver best outcomes for our membership. But to do this requires lots of help. If you’re interested in lending your expertise to assist the IPAA in our mission we’d love to hear from you.